Restaurant POS

BrewPOS is a full-featured Point of Sale system built for restaurants, bars, and breweries. Tried, tested, and true, BrewPOS offers a unique solution to point of sale for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Management

  • Split tickets by number of people, items ordered, or seats, partial items
  • Merge tickets or transfer items between tickets
  • Track to-go orders
  • Table Timers display last order to keep tables fresh.
  • Transfer tickets between servers, before and after payment
  • Open and pre-authorize tabs, even with EMV
  • Unlimited multiple tender payments allow multiple cash and card on same bill
  • Pay in / pay out functionality and reporting
  • Multi Kitchen, bar, hotline, cold line, expediter printer options
  • Kitchen printing in any language you desire
  • Walk-out list
  • Trade Accounts, and employee allowances
  • Discount any thing any time any way you want automatically
  • Track Payment types for online orders from 3rd parties like Uber and Grub Hub


  • Customizable menu area
  • Menu shortcut button for easy navigation
  • Global modifiers to capture Misc requests
  • Hold and fire for coursing
  • Menus that are only available at specific times
  • Double, Triple, Left, Right, Modifiers

Reports Inventory

  • View reports on any computer
  • Break down reports by day, week, month or year
  • Sales data on inventory at department, category, and item levels
  • Employee monitoring – time and attendance, pay in/out, wages due, etc
  • End of day and shift reports print out on receipt printer for shift closes and cash drops

Server Management

  • Extensive permission levels for servers and managers
  • Complete shift reports on station printers
  • Track voids, discounts, ticket deletions, comps, walkouts and more
  • Multiple job, and payroll types available per individual
  • Reopen shifts to correct errors
  • Re open tickets after they are closed
  • Transfer closed tickets

Delivery Mode

  • Past Order History
  • Distance to Store
  • Deliver Tickets for Drivers


  • Pre-set and custom tip options
  • Delayed tip functionality
  • Generate tip reports
  • Complete server shift report prints at station


  • Track anything and everything!
  • Real-time countdown on screen for specials
  • Receive inventory, count inventory, adjust inventory.
  • As simple or complex as you want it