Gift Cards do not require any extra equipment, The Cost for cards at a single location is $29 monthly If you have multiple locations the cost is $49 a month and covers all locations.

There are no authorization fees or usage fees on the gift cards. The one monthly fee covers everything.

The gift cards themselves cost $500 for 500 cards If you are interested in more than 500 cards I can get a price quote for you.

We would need camera ready art for the front and the back in a high quality PDF or Jpeg format.

We have designers who can build a gift card for you if you provide basic artwork and a sketch of how you would like it to look. Typically the charge on this is $70, and includes simple revisions. Complex art revisions may incur additional costs.

Attached here are the art requirements:


Have questions about file submission and setup? Here are some answers. Keep in mind, these are general guidelines, and that requirements may be different from job to job. The quality for no additional design costs for your print depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us! To ensure quickest order turnaround time, we require all submitted artwork to be in a Vector File or Camera-Ready. Please set up your artwork with the template. If artwork is not camera ready and will require minor changes, touch-ups or recreations, please provide the original editable files.


Please have your finished artwork in a vectored PDF or Illustrator format, with all text outlined. If you do not have Illustrator we will convert your Photoshop files. Please show all of your options on your artwork and state as FPO (For Position Only). We will remove all FPO barcodes, mag stripes, data, etc. prior to production.


Please outline all fonts when possible. Do NOT use “applied” type styles in the control or measurements palettes to make the type bold or italic; please always choose the bold or italic versions of the font from the font list in order to prevent unexpected print results.


Save all color photos and vector images as CMYK if the job is to be 4 color process. Specify which colors are to be spot and which colors are to be 4 color process. Choose colors from the Pantone swatch books, rather than color combinations that look good on your monitor. Colors from a low-end, non-color managed printer do NOT represent the color that will be printed. Please provide any previously printed cards or collateral pieces that we may have to match for color.


This includes all graphics that were placed from vector programs such as Illustrator and Freehand, as well as any images placed into the vector programs. For example: if you have created a logo in Adobe Illustrator that contains a Photoshop image, you must provide us with both the Illustrator file as well as the Photoshop file. Graphics application programs will not collect the Photoshop file, so you must manually copy it. Please avoid PICT and Windows BMP files. All color and grayscale photos need to be at 300 dpi at their final size. Scan all color and grayscale photos at 300 dpi at the final size that they will be used in your document. All color scans must be saved as CMYK color space. We will not accept RGB color.


Please show all magnetic stripes and variable data on your artwork in the color magenta, and as a separate layer. Also, please label these elements as “FPO” (for placement only). We will remove all FPO barcodes, mag stripes, data, etc. prior to production. time for artwork approval will normally be the next business day depending on the time the artwork is received.


Please also send the full files for the front and back separately


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